If you are French or from the European Union


If you are a non-European Union citizen 

If you are a non-European Union citizen, you are not concerned by the procedure MonMaster, so we invite you to contact imperatively between 22th March 2023 and 18th April 202


For information on how to apply, read the eCandidat tutorial

If you are interested in a work-study program

Important information

  • This procedure does not apply if you are already a student at Université Côte d'Azur and if the title of your master’s degree does not change (e.g. second year of the same degree).
  • Mandatory level of French: C1.     
  • Strongly recommended: certificate of comparability of your last diploma
  • Any error in following procedure or in the choice of degree or component automatically leads to rejection of the application by the Pedagogical Commission.            
  • All applications must be submitted online; no paper files will be accepted.    
  • All documents must be translated into French by a sworn interpreter          
  • If you have any doubts about the procedure that concerns you, ​​contact us.