Mobility scholarship

International students who are interested in the academic programs of Université Côte d'Azur can apply for different types of financial aid, such as Erasmus+ scholarships or scholarships from the French Government.

Erasmus + Scholarship

Erasmus+ scholarships are the most common. To obtain this aid, there must first be an Erasmus+ partnership between the student's home university and Université Côte d'Azur. Students who wish to apply for it are therefore strongly advised to contact their home university.

French government Scholarship 

The French Government, through the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, offers an Excellence scholarship each year, known as the Eiffel Scholarship. 
The Eiffel scholarship was designed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help French higher-education institutions attract the best foreign students at master's and doctorate level. Information about this scholarship can be found on the Campus France website
The French Government offers other aid opportunities similar to the Eiffel scholarships to a large number of international students studying in France. All of these scholarships are described on the Campus France website.

ELMI Scholarship

Finally, ELMI also awards excellence scholarships to international (and national) students. Information can be requested from the International Relations office.