Throwback to the conference "Industrial Ecology"

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Published on May 7, 2021 Updated on May 7, 2021

on the April 27, 2021


Campus Saint Jean d'Angely

Webinaire DI
Webinaire DI

The event

On March 30, the new edition of the conference was organized by our students in Master 2 Innovation Entreprise et Société course Développement Industriel. The theme of this conference : Industrial Ecology.

This year, the actual health crisis has forced students to organize differently. This conference, usually organized face-to-face, had to take place this time under other conditions with the majority of speakers on site, some participated online, but above all there was no public. The people who wished to watch the conference were able to thanks to a live diffusion of it. 

Quality speakers and partners!

Lona Laichi and Koceila Korchit, two students from the Master, presented this conference from beginning to end. They were also the spokespersons of the people that watched the conference from home, by communicating their questions to the speakers. A not so easy mission, but well accomplished by the two students. 

To introduce this event, Patrice Bougette, lecturer in economics in Université Côte d'Azur, carried out an inventory and presented the main regulatory challenges of industrial ecology. His intervention allowed to lay the foundations of the subject concerned and to put forward the global approach of the industrial system consumption, production ...

Angélique Caranta, Industrial Ecology Coordinator, Business Club of the Saint-Laurent-du-Var Business Park and Ludovic Asso, Industry and Energy Pole Manager, CCI Nice Côte d'Azur spoke on the topic of inter-company collaborations and synergies facing the challenges of Sustainable Development.

Then, Jean-Pascal Decroix, Managing Director of STME provided more information to Internet users on the Association des Entreprises des Bois de Grasse followed by Karine Gicquel, Quality and CSR Manager of SOFIA Cosmetics who shared her enriching experience on the process of ecodesign in the cosmetics industry.

Bernard De Preville, Managing Director of LMR Naturals also participated in the conference with his significant intervention on the history of waste and its transformation into innovative and high-value products through upcycling. Finally, it was with Maryline Garito, Logistics Manager at Firmenich that the conference ended, by shedding light on the implementation of responsible management, and how it goes hand in hand with sustainable development.

In the press !

The success of this event did not go unnoticed and several press organizations contacted us to write an article.

Find in the Tribune Côte d'Azur an article on industrial ecology based on the interventions of actors involved in the territory who came to testify during the webinar organized by our students on March 30.

Read the article that appeared in the Tribune on April, 9, 2021

(Re)watch the Conference

The conference of March 30, 2021 is available in replay. You can relive this conference and discover the different interventions of our participants.



Thanks to all !

A big thank you to everyone for the success of this event. Congratulations to all the students of the Master 2 Innovation Entreprise et Sociéte, Développement Industriel course, to Cécile CEZANNE for the supervision of the project. But also Sylvie ROCCHIA as well as Barbara MOIGNE.

As well as to the PEAKING PRODUCTION team led by Gregory IACOBBI for having managed the recording and the live broadcast of the event.
See you next year for a new edition !